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Lindsey Meyer Mystery Story Part 2

This is part 2 of the mystery story. Enjoy!!

    “Hi, Mom. Hi Dad.” I say when I get downstairs.
   “Hi Lindsey, how were your first few hours here?” Dad asks.
“Pretty good. My roommate and I are best friends already.” I say.
“Thats great!” Mom says.
“Ella is my new best friend! So are Courtney  and  Ari.” Bianca exclaims.
“I have new friends too. Peyton, Ingrid, and Gail are all really nice.”  I continue to say after Bianca talks.
   “Well, I hate to burst your bubbles, but we leave tomorrow.” Dad says.
   “Oh no! So soon?!” Bianca cries.
   “I’m sorry, girls. We will miss you.” Mom says.
    After dinner, we head to the car.
    “Lindsey, we need to get back to the hotel, will you be okay with walking Bianca back and then walking to your house alone?” Mom asks in the car.
  “Sure Mom” I say.  It is still light outside, the sun is setting. Bianca and I get out of the car and start walking towards Faunus House.
    “Bianca, will you be okay?” I ask as we walk.
    “I think so. Ari, Courtney, Ella, and Gregg are all really nice.” Bianca responds.
 “Okay, if you ever need anything, call me and I will come. Do you want me to walk in with you?” I ask.
 “Sure, you can meet my friends.” Bianca responds.
  After I meet Bianca’s friends I head back to Artemis I go into my room and Peyton, Austin, Ingrid, and another girl are talking.
   Hey Lindsey! Your back! This is Christy!”
    Peyton cries when I enter the room, and introduces me to the girl.  Christy is new just like me. She is from Manchester, England. I talk to everyone and then I go downstairs to find Gail. When I get into  the common room I find Garrett and another boy, and Elizabeth, but no Gail.  
    “ Hey Lindsey! This is Alex. He is new, and  from America too!” Garrett calls when he sees me enter the room.
    “Hi Alex, where are you from?”  I ask.
    “I’m from Miami, Florida. Where are you from?” Alex asks.
    “ I’m from Santa Monica, California.” I reply.
    “Cool!” Alex exclaims.
     After talking to Alex and Garrett for a bit, I decide to go say hi to Gail upstairs. But, I hear a voice. It’s a strange, ghost-like, distant, voice.
    “ The mysteries of this house are awaiting you, girl. Your roommate, your sister, the boy...” The voice says, and trails off.
Well, that certainly  was strange.

~ ~~3 ~~~
Strange Noises
    The next day my parents leave. As I head back to my room after  saying goodbye to them, I get a call.  It’s from Bianca. She tells me to come over, so I tell her I will be right over.  As I leave the house, I hear a voice.
        “ Get your sister, girl. Your roommate, too. And the boy.... what’s his name...?”  The voice trails off again. Its the same voice I heard last night. And the boy, which boy? Austin? Garrett? Alex? Somehow I have a feeling Cooper, Cody, and Nathan have nothing to do with this, but I could be wrong. I decide to tell Peyton about this, and Bianca too, I guess.  
    For now, I’m just going to see what Bianca needs.  When I get to Faunus House, the housemother, Paula greets me. I go up to see Bianca, but only find Ella.
    “Hi Ella, where’s Bianca?” I ask.
    “She was talking to Ari, she should be back in a minute.” Ella responds.
As if on cue, Bianca and a girl with straight brown hair walk into the room.
    “Hey Lindsey! This is Ari.” Bianca exclaims.
    “Hi Ari. So, Bianca what did you need?” I ask.
     “Oh, ummm, well, I kinda need to talk to you.... alone.” Bianca answers.
  Her friends get the message, and silently leave the room.
   “Okay, so, um. well.” Bianca hesitates.
    “Oh! I need to tell you something too. I’ve been hearing....  voices. It’s weird.”  I say.
   “Me too! That is what I’m trying to tell you! They all started-”
    “Last night.” We both say in usion.
    “What did the voice say to you?”  I ask.
    “It said, Your sister... the mystery.” Bianca replies.
  To me it said, “ the mysteries of this house are awaiting you. your sister, your roommate, the boy...” I say.
    “Then today it said, get your sister, your roommate, and the boy... I’m going to get Peyton, since it told me to get her. I’ll be back. “ I say and then leave.
    “Okay, bye.” Bianca says.
      I walk back to Artemis House. I find Peyton and tell her to come with me. Together, we walk back to Faunus House.
    “Okay, so what’s up, Lindsey?  Peyton asks.
    Bianca and I tell Peyton everything about the noises. We tell her everything we heard.
    “That, is the strangest thing I have ever heard. Which boy do you think the voice was talking about, Austin, Garrett, Cooper, Nathan, Cody, or Alex?” Peyton asks.
    “ I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it’s Alex.” I reply.
    “Yeah, maybe. Well, we should head back. We can brainstorm ideas on what is happening, and meet up tomorrow.”Peyton suggests.    
    “Okay. bye Bianca.” I say.
    Peyton and I head back to Artemis House, chatting about this mystery.
    “So, what in the world is going on?” Peyton asks.
    “I,. am. not. exactly. sure,” I reply.
    “When I asked  mom why we were going to boarding school she just said I would find out. My parents also requested that I be in Artemis House rather than Minerva or Orpheus. I think that means something.” I continue.

“Hmm, maybe. So, what do you think Paulo will be like? He is arriving tonight.” Peyton inquires.
    “I don’t know. Will he be mean?” I say.
    “I don’t know, but I hope not!” Peyton says as she opens the door to the house.
    We go up the stairs, but I stop. The voice is back.
         “I see you’ve gotten your roommate and sister on board, Mega One. That is good. Now get the boy, and the smart ones as well.  How about the clown, hmm? The mean girl might be of help to you too. I will be waiting:” The voice says and fades away.
    “Lindsey, are you okay?” Peyton asks. I must have zoned out.
    “Alex. it’s Alex I know it.” I say.
    “What?” Peyton looks confused.
    I see Nathan coming around the corner, so I say,
    “Go upstairs, I’ll explain.”
    When we get upstairs I grab a notebook and start writing things down.
    “Lindsey what’s up?” Peyton asks me.
    “The voice was talking to me again. It called me the Mega One, and told me to get the boy, who I’m certain now is Alex.. She told me to  get the smart ones, the clown, and... the mean girl.” I tell her as I write everything down.”
    “So, you're certain the boy is Alex, the smart ones are probably Ingrid and Garrett. The clown is most likely Austin, but Elizabeth? Why?” Peyton states.
      “ I don’t know.” I shrug.
     “Well, for now, I think we should at least tell Alex.” Peyton suggests.
    “Okay, let’s go.” I agree.
    When we get to Alex’s room, ,Alex and Garrett.  are there. We tell both boys about everything. You should see the look on Alex’s face.. Not just when I told him what has been happening, but when an unexpected visitor payed him a visit.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Chapter 1 of mystery story

Here is the introduction and first chapter of a mystery story I am working on. Enjoy!


       I thought my life was ordinary. I thought I was normal. I was WRONG with a capital W.      

        The summer before 6th grade,  my mom and dad decided that in September, my sister Bianca and I would go to boarding school.  IN ENGLAND. When I asked why they wanted to send us off my mom just sighed and said,
        “You’ll find out soon enough, Lindsey. We don’t want you two to think we don’t want you here, we do! It’s just that……” and her voice trailed off.
     Bianca was really upset by the news. Knowing my little sister, I don’t think she could survive even a day or two being over 5,000 miles away from our parents. When she found out we would be going there until I finished the 9th grade, she ran into her room and cried.
    Bianca had just finished 4th  grade. I had just finished 5th grade. We would be spending the next four years of our lives without our parents. Now that I think of it that is scary. Well, when we got there, Bianca did NOT want to stay. She did anyway.
  Over these next four  years, lots of things happened, and I mean a LOT. Now I know what my mom meant. Well, now you just have read to find out what happens in my three years of middle school, and first year of high school. One word to describe it: chaos!

Dorian Eros and Artemis House

    We have arrived! Mom, Dad, Bianca, and I have arrived at Dorian Eros Boarding School in London, England. You can go to Dorian if you are in grades 5-12. Dorian Eros students are placed into living quarters. Each grade has three houses. We do not know whether Bianca will be in Demeter House, Faunus House, or Vulcan House, but my parents requested that I be in Artemis House, rather than Minerva House or Orpheus House.  I don't know why. Now that we are here, my parents, sister and I head to the principal’s office.  When we enter the principal’s office, I see a stern looking man sitting at his desk.
    “Excuse me, Mr. Parrett?” my mom says. Mr. Parrett looks up.
    “Yes, my name is Wendy Meyer, and this is my husband Oliver, and our daughters, Lindsey and Bianca. We registered the girls to come here last June. We were wondering what houses they will be in.” Mom continued.
   “Ah, yes. What are their names and grades again?” Mr. Parrett asks.
 “Lindsey Meyer, grade 6, and Bianca Meyer, grade 5.”  My dad states.
  Mr. Parrett looks us up on the computer. I look over at my sister and she is shaking, on the verge of tears. She does not want our parents to leave, I can tell.
  “Ah ha! I have found them! Lindsey, you will be in Artemis House. Your house mother's name is Darcie, and the caretaker’s name is Paulo. Bianca, you will be living in Faunus House. Your house mother's name is Opal, and the caretaker’s name is Patrick.” Mr. Parrett tells us.
“Thank you, Mr. Parrett.” My dad says.
Then Mr. Parrett gives us directions on how to get to the houses and other school information. We head off.
      First we head to Faunus House. The housemother greets us and Mom and Dad talk to her while Bianca and I go upstairs to unpack her things. Her room has two beds. When we get there a girl is already in there.
    “Hi! I’m Bianca Meyer, and this is my sister Lindsey!” Bianca says, introducing herself.
   “My name is Ella Olton.” The girl says.
Ella and Bianca start talking and immediately become friends. They don’t even notice me when I leave. I run into my parents, and then we tell Bianca that we were going to start unpacking my things at Artemis House.
   When I got to Artemis House, the housemother, Darcie, tells me where my room is.  Again, my parents stay talking to Darcie, and I go unpack. A girl with wavy blond hair and blue eyes is already in my room when I get there.  Sometimes I  am a bit shy around new people so I  just quietly unpack my things until the girl speaks up.
       “Hi, I’m Peyton Hawthorne. What is your name?” she asks.
       “I’m Lindsey Meyer.” I say.
      “You seem to have an American accent, are you from the U.S.?” Peyton asks.
      “Yeah, I’m from Santa Monica, California.” I reply.
      “I’ve heard of Santa Monica before! my cousin Josie lives there!” Peyton exclaims.
  After chatting about a bunch of things my parents come into  the room.
    “ Mom, Dad, this is my roommate, Peyton.” I say.
    “Peyton, this my mom and dad.” I say introducing everyone to each other.
  “ Nice to meet you, Peyton.” Mom says and shakes Peyton’s hand. My dad does the same.
   “Lindsey, we are going back to Faunus House to say bye to Bianca and then we are going to the hotel, see you at dinner. Bye.” Dad says.
   “Bye, Dad, bye Mom. Say hi to Bianca for me.” I say as they leave the room.
    After my parents leave Peyton asks,
      “Who’s Bianca?”  
      “Bianca is my little sister, she’s 10. Do you have any siblings?” I inquire.
       “Yes, I have two brothers and three sisters. My brother Byron is 3, so he does not  come to Dorian. My brother Leon is in college. I do not have to put up with my brothers while I’m here!” Peyton says, telling me about her brothers.
    “What about your sisters?” I ask.
     “My sister Daisy is in 4th grade, so she is  coming to Dorian next year. My sister Robyn is Leon’s twin sister, so she is in college too. My sister Annabelle is in 9th grade.” Peyton finishes.
       “You have a lot of family members” I jump at the unfamiliar voice.
       “Hi Elizabeth.” Peyton says rolling her eyes.
      “Who’s this? A newbie?”  Elizabeth grunts.
     “Elizabeth, this is my roommate, her name is Lindsey.” Peyton introduces me to Elizabeth reluctantly.
    “Lindsey, this is Elizabeth.” Peyton says.
     “Lizzie! You’re here!” Someone yells from the hallway. At that, Elizabeth walks away.
   After ELizabeth walks away I ask,
   “Who is that?”
    “That is Elizabeth Monterey. She isn’t very nice to new people. I’m sorry about that.  She can be nice sometimes, but when she sees someone new, she just acts like they aren’t there. Elizabeth was my roommate last year. We were friends, but when I stood up to her for being mean to my friend Bella, she started to ignore me.  Don’t worry, everyone else in this house is nice.” Peyton says giving me a long explanation about Elizabeth.  
    We decide to go downstairs to meet other people. This house is large, there are twelve people living here. Downstairs, there are three boys talking to each other.  they  introduce themselves  as Austin, Garrett, and Cooper. There is also a girl reading by herself. Peyton goes over to talk to her, so I follow her.  The girl introduces herself. Her  name is Ingrid. We start to talk, and then two boys named Nathan and Cody walk in.  Everyone carries on when they sit down until Elizabeth walks in with someone else. The room goes quiet.
     Elizabeth and the girl walk over to Peyton,  Ingrid, and I and sit down. The girl introduces herself. Her name is Gail.
    “So, Elizabeth what did you do over the summer?” I ask, trying to be friendly.
    “Why do you want to know, newbie?” Elizabeth asks snottily.
    “Nevermind, that. Lindsey, where are you from?” Gail asks nicely.
     “Gail, why are you asking her, and talking to her, and not me, your BEST friend?” Elizabeth continues rambling.
That really throws me off, and kind of hurts me, too. I slowly get up and say,
      “ I-I’m gonna go finish unpacking. see you guys later.”
     “Lindsey wait!” Peyton exclaims going after me. Ingrid, follows Peyton. I just keep going. When I reach my room I sit on my bed.
     “Lindsey, are you okay?” Peyton asks.
     “I’m fine, but I’m not going back downstairs.” I say.
    “Lindsey, don’t take what Elizabeth said seriously. She does that to everyone, trust me.” Ingrid says.
    “Does she think I’m trying to take Gail away from her by asking her a question? and Gail, does she always go with what Elizabeth says? ”  I say.
   “No, that’s not the case. I know that, but I don’t know why Elizabeth said those things to you. And, I was going to talk to you if Liz hadn’t interrupted” A voice from the doorway says. It’s Gail.
     “Lindsey, I’m sorry about Elizabeth, but I hope we can still be friends.” Gail says with a smile.
     “Okay, so what were you asking?” I inquire.
     “Oh, so where are you from?” Gail asks, sitting down.
     Gail and I start chatting, and even though they don’t think we notice,  Peyton and Ingrid step out. While Gail and I talk, Elizabeth comes in. Uh-oh is all I can think.
     "Gail, what are you doing here? Why are you talking to her? Are you coming to hang out with me or not?" Elizabeth spats.
     " No thank you, Lizzie. I want to hang out with my new friend, Lindsey." Gail says casually.
       "WHAT? Ok, FINE. Whatever" Elizabeth says and walks away.
     " Gail, you didn't have to do that, I have to get ready to go to dinner with my parents anyway, you can go," I tell Gail.
    "Yes, I did have to do that, you're my friend Lindsey. But, I will leave you to get ready. See you later." Gail says
   "Bye" I reply.  Peyton and Ingrid come in after Gail leaves.
    “Where did you two go?” I ask.
   “We went downstairs to talk to the boys.” Ingrid replies.
   “Oh, cool” I say. Then, there is a knock on my door. Peyton answers it. Bianca is at the door.
   “Hey Bianca, these are my friends, Peyton and Ingrid.” I say.
    “Peyton, Ingrid, this is my little sister, Bianca.” I tell Peyton and Ingrid.
    “Hi.Peyton. Hi Ingrid. Lindsey, are you ready to go?” Bianca replies.
    “Yup. See you later guys.” I say, grabbing my coat.

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Hello! Here is a story I wrote a while ago. It is the first in a series. I hope everyone likes it! I think it could be edited, but I couldn't wait to share it! Here it is:   

Dear Reader,
Hi, I’m Kylie Black. I am 11 years old. The Case Cracker Club books are about my best friends Megan, Elle, and I  solving mysteries. Here is a bit about my friends and I : We are all in 5th grade at Olton Elementary School in Winterville, Maine. We are all in Miss Jemmings’s class. Well, that’s all you need to know for now! Get to the book! Bye!
                                 -Kylie! :) 

Case Crackers Club: The Mystery of the Abandoned House
MarshEl345 :  Kylie! Guess what.
 KookieKy1234: What?! What?! What’s up Elle?
MarshEl345: The new neighbors moved in yesterday! They have a girl our age!
KookieKy1234: Cool! Maybe we can go introduce ourselves later.
MarshEl345:  Yeah, my mom told me to go introduce myself, but I wanted to see if you wanted to come too.
KookieKy1234: Yeah, we’ll all go.
MarshEl345: OK see u in a bit.
I  turn my  phone off, and head downstairs to put my sweatshirt on. Then, our entire  family heads down to my  best friend, Elle Trackman’s house. When we meet at the corner, the Trackmans lead  us to the new neighbors’ house.
When they get to the house they ring the bell and a very kind looking woman answers the door. Mrs. Trackman introduces herself, “Hello, my name is Alyssa Trackman, I live across the street in the blue house.”  “I just wanted to introduce myself, my family, and other neighbors. Here is a gift basket.” She says and hands her the basket. We all introduce ourselves. “Hi, I’m Elisabeth Dechello, come on in.” The lady says.
She then calls people to come downstairs and meet us. We sit on their couch and play a game. We play a game called “Meet Me”. What we did was, we said our name, something we liked, and what grade we were in, and then we started chatting, separated in groups by age. Parents together, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Dechello have 5 children.
They have one son named Joseph, who is in his third year of college. Their other son, Justin, is in ninth grade. Their oldest daughter, Miley,  is in eighth grade. The middle daughter, Megan is my age, and their youngest daughter, Veda Anne is 4 years old. Elle, Megan, and I got  grouped together. We have lots in common.
        After school on Monday Megan, Elle, and I walk home from school together. We pass the old abandoned house Elle and I pass every day. Megan asks what it is. We tell her that when old Mr. Hagan died, the house was never sold, so it became abandoned and no one has been in there since.  After we all get home, we text  each other.
BerryMeg645: Hey girlies! So, do you wanna go to the old abandoned house to check it out with me tomorrow?
KookieKy1234: Uh, Megan I don’t think u wanna do that.
MarshEl345: I agree with Kylie. Sorry Megan.
BerryMeg645: Why not??
KookieKy1234: That house has been abandoned for years, it’ll be all dusty, dark, and scary.
BerryMeg645: So, are you saying you’re not a risk taker?
MarshEl345: NO! I AM A  RISK TAKER! What about u Kylie?
KookieKy1234:  I AM TOO! Alright, Megan, I’ll go. Elle?
MarshEl345: Yeah, ok, but not tmw. I have softball practice. How about Thursday? I have cheerleading on Wednesday.
KookieKy1234: Can’t, I have piano tomorrow, softball practice on Wednesday, and dance on Thursday. Friday?
MarshEl345: I’m free. Megan?
BerryMeg645: WOW! You guys r busy! I’m free Friday. I’m not in any extracurricular activities yet.
BerryMeg645:  Well, gotta hit the homework. Wanna hang out at my house later? Around 4:00?
KookieKy1234: OK, if I can. I’ll text u if I can go.
MarshEl345: Me too. Got To Go see you later.
BerrryMeg645: OK GREAT!! I asked my mom, she said yes. See you later! BYE!
MarshEl345: bye
KookieKy1234: bye
I turn my phone off and start my math worksheet. I’m glad Megan is in my class. After doing 8 really easy word problems, I go onto English.  At 4 I ask my mom if I can go to Megan’s house she say yes, and I head over.
We wait for Elle, and then we hang around and talk. Then, I go home for dinner. THE NEXT MORNING…..
KookieKy1234:Hey, wanna meet up at the corner in a bit. Kyra and Karin  have to come too sorry.
BerryMeg645: Sure, That’s ok.
MarshEl345: Yeah I’m ready too. Emma and Elliot have to come. I promised my mom I would take them today.
KookieKy1234: Ok, see you in 5 minutes.
BerryMeg645: Ok. My siblings are older or younger, so I  don’t have anyone I have to bring, but I don’t mind.
MarshEl345: Ok
After texting my friends, I slip my shoes on call my little  sisters to come downstairs, and then  meet Megan, Elle, Emma, and Elliot at the corner so we can walk to school.
Chapter 3
After school on Friday, as we planned, Elle, Megan, and I go investigate the old abandoned house. We try to go in, and the door is locked. We go around the back, and the door is locked too. We find a window, however, wide open. It is big enough for us to fit through, but not like a door. When we get inside, the house is dark, as I suspected, and it smells funny.
“I’m scared already” Elle says, and shudders. “Me too” I say. “Oh, come on guys, it isn’t that scary.” Megan says, but I can see her legs starting to shake. We  explore the rest of the house. We find Mr. Hagan’s library. It is full of books. We look through them.
When I take a book off a shelf, something falls out from in between two books. It’s a note, and a 10 huge wads of  dollar bills. The note says:    
Monday, May 22, 2000
If you’ve found this and I’m not here, then I’m gone forever. I know this note was in a very hidden place, but I needed to make sure it was in a well hidden. Well, here is what I need you to know. Lacey, you and Lenny come from a very rich family. Your mother inherited 1,000,000 dollars from her mother, and before your mother passed away, she told me to split the 1,000,000 dollars between me, you, and Lenny, but I decided to split all the money between just Lenny and you.  I decided to do that because I too have a great amount of money. I inherited 1,000,000 dollars from my Great Uncle Marvin, but I kept it for you and Lenny. Lacey, you keep 1,000,000 dollars, and give the other 1,000,000 dollars to your brother. I wrote to you, because you are my oldest child. You and Lenny can do whatever you want with the money.
                                         Love always,
After we read the note, we don’t know what to do. The 10 wads, I guess was the 2,000,000 dollars. “We should tell the police” I tell Megan and Elle.  We can go tell my mom, C’mon.” I say. We run out of the house and run to my house.
“ Mom!” I say running into the house. “What is it Kylie?” “Ok, I know you’ll get mad, and probably ground me for the rest of my life but, Megan wanted to check out Mr. Hagan’s house, so Elle and I went with her and we found this,” I say quickly and hand her the money and note. Ok, slow down, what is this? I repeat what I said.
“Ok, Kylie, yes you are in trouble for sneaking into someone else’s house, even though no one lives there.  So you are grounded,  previously going to be a month. However,  you did the right thing by bringing the money and note to me so you are grounded for 2 weeks, no TV or computer, unless needed for school.” “Deal, Mom.”
Later I text my friends because they had to go home, so we decided that I tell my mom.
KookieKy1234: Hey guys!
MarshEl345: Kylie! What did your mom say?
KookieKy1234: I’ll tell you, let’s wait a bit for Megan.
BerryMeg645: I’M  HERE!
KookieKy1234: I’m punished. For 2 weeks, no TV or computer, unless needed for school.
KookieKy1234: Ok, we are going to take the note and money to the police tomorrow and see if they can find Lacey.
MarshEl345: Ok, cool. I was wondering if you both wanted to sleepover tomorrow night.
BerryMeg645: My mom said yes.
KookieKy1234: My mom said yes too, but got to go. Bye
Chapter 4
     The next morning Mom and I head to the police  station. Officer Ryland helps us find Lacey. They haven’t found her yet though. Officer Ryland will contact us when we find her. When Mom and I get home I decide to see if I can find Lacey in the Yellow Pages. I find many Laceys, but I don’t know which one  is Lacey Hagen. Later I meet  Elle and Megan at Tootsie’s Smoothies.
Then, we go to Elle’s house for the sleepover. We watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, ate popcorn, and chatted.
Elle’s little sister Emma had a sleepover at her friend’s house, so did her little brother Elliot, her brother Eddie is out of the house in college, but Elle’s oldest sister, also my sometimes babysitter, Ellen had a sleepover with her best friend Isabelle in the Trackman house, but we all had a blast. Elle, Megan, Ellen, Isabelle, and I all went to bed at……… 12:30. Hey, that’s what you do at a sleepover.
In the morning, we all have breakfast, hang out, and go home. When I get home I look for Lacey in the Yellow Pages. I think I found her. I tell my mom and we drive to the police station with Megan and Elle. The police called her and she came in. It is the right Lacey. Then, Lacey called Lenny.  Lacey Hagen  is 20 years old and goes  to The  University of Winterville. Lenny Hagen is 18 years old and goes to  The Community College of Winterville.
When not at school, Lenny and Lacey live with their aunt. Lacey and Lenny Hagen are now millionaires. Lacey and Lenny were so grateful that they gave Megan, Elle, and I each 200 dollars! We thank them and they say it was no problem, because after all, we did find out that the Hagen family members were millionaires. After that, Lacey and Lenny clean out Mr. Hagen’s house and get it on the market for selling.
Well, I know that was a short mystery, but that’s all for this book! There wasn’t much to the abandoned house. I hope to see you in the next book Case Crackers Club book.  Bye!
-      Kylie Black
-      Elle Trackman
-      Megan Dechello
Case Crackers Club