Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lindsey Meyer Mystery Story Part 2

This is part 2 of the mystery story. Enjoy!!

    “Hi, Mom. Hi Dad.” I say when I get downstairs.
   “Hi Lindsey, how were your first few hours here?” Dad asks.
“Pretty good. My roommate and I are best friends already.” I say.
“Thats great!” Mom says.
“Ella is my new best friend! So are Courtney  and  Ari.” Bianca exclaims.
“I have new friends too. Peyton, Ingrid, and Gail are all really nice.”  I continue to say after Bianca talks.
   “Well, I hate to burst your bubbles, but we leave tomorrow.” Dad says.
   “Oh no! So soon?!” Bianca cries.
   “I’m sorry, girls. We will miss you.” Mom says.
    After dinner, we head to the car.
    “Lindsey, we need to get back to the hotel, will you be okay with walking Bianca back and then walking to your house alone?” Mom asks in the car.
  “Sure Mom” I say.  It is still light outside, the sun is setting. Bianca and I get out of the car and start walking towards Faunus House.
    “Bianca, will you be okay?” I ask as we walk.
    “I think so. Ari, Courtney, Ella, and Gregg are all really nice.” Bianca responds.
 “Okay, if you ever need anything, call me and I will come. Do you want me to walk in with you?” I ask.
 “Sure, you can meet my friends.” Bianca responds.
  After I meet Bianca’s friends I head back to Artemis I go into my room and Peyton, Austin, Ingrid, and another girl are talking.
   Hey Lindsey! Your back! This is Christy!”
    Peyton cries when I enter the room, and introduces me to the girl.  Christy is new just like me. She is from Manchester, England. I talk to everyone and then I go downstairs to find Gail. When I get into  the common room I find Garrett and another boy, and Elizabeth, but no Gail.  
    “ Hey Lindsey! This is Alex. He is new, and  from America too!” Garrett calls when he sees me enter the room.
    “Hi Alex, where are you from?”  I ask.
    “I’m from Miami, Florida. Where are you from?” Alex asks.
    “ I’m from Santa Monica, California.” I reply.
    “Cool!” Alex exclaims.
     After talking to Alex and Garrett for a bit, I decide to go say hi to Gail upstairs. But, I hear a voice. It’s a strange, ghost-like, distant, voice.
    “ The mysteries of this house are awaiting you, girl. Your roommate, your sister, the boy...” The voice says, and trails off.
Well, that certainly  was strange.

~ ~~3 ~~~
Strange Noises
    The next day my parents leave. As I head back to my room after  saying goodbye to them, I get a call.  It’s from Bianca. She tells me to come over, so I tell her I will be right over.  As I leave the house, I hear a voice.
        “ Get your sister, girl. Your roommate, too. And the boy.... what’s his name...?”  The voice trails off again. Its the same voice I heard last night. And the boy, which boy? Austin? Garrett? Alex? Somehow I have a feeling Cooper, Cody, and Nathan have nothing to do with this, but I could be wrong. I decide to tell Peyton about this, and Bianca too, I guess.  
    For now, I’m just going to see what Bianca needs.  When I get to Faunus House, the housemother, Paula greets me. I go up to see Bianca, but only find Ella.
    “Hi Ella, where’s Bianca?” I ask.
    “She was talking to Ari, she should be back in a minute.” Ella responds.
As if on cue, Bianca and a girl with straight brown hair walk into the room.
    “Hey Lindsey! This is Ari.” Bianca exclaims.
    “Hi Ari. So, Bianca what did you need?” I ask.
     “Oh, ummm, well, I kinda need to talk to you.... alone.” Bianca answers.
  Her friends get the message, and silently leave the room.
   “Okay, so, um. well.” Bianca hesitates.
    “Oh! I need to tell you something too. I’ve been hearing....  voices. It’s weird.”  I say.
   “Me too! That is what I’m trying to tell you! They all started-”
    “Last night.” We both say in usion.
    “What did the voice say to you?”  I ask.
    “It said, Your sister... the mystery.” Bianca replies.
  To me it said, “ the mysteries of this house are awaiting you. your sister, your roommate, the boy...” I say.
    “Then today it said, get your sister, your roommate, and the boy... I’m going to get Peyton, since it told me to get her. I’ll be back. “ I say and then leave.
    “Okay, bye.” Bianca says.
      I walk back to Artemis House. I find Peyton and tell her to come with me. Together, we walk back to Faunus House.
    “Okay, so what’s up, Lindsey?  Peyton asks.
    Bianca and I tell Peyton everything about the noises. We tell her everything we heard.
    “That, is the strangest thing I have ever heard. Which boy do you think the voice was talking about, Austin, Garrett, Cooper, Nathan, Cody, or Alex?” Peyton asks.
    “ I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it’s Alex.” I reply.
    “Yeah, maybe. Well, we should head back. We can brainstorm ideas on what is happening, and meet up tomorrow.”Peyton suggests.    
    “Okay. bye Bianca.” I say.
    Peyton and I head back to Artemis House, chatting about this mystery.
    “So, what in the world is going on?” Peyton asks.
    “I,. am. not. exactly. sure,” I reply.
    “When I asked  mom why we were going to boarding school she just said I would find out. My parents also requested that I be in Artemis House rather than Minerva or Orpheus. I think that means something.” I continue.

“Hmm, maybe. So, what do you think Paulo will be like? He is arriving tonight.” Peyton inquires.
    “I don’t know. Will he be mean?” I say.
    “I don’t know, but I hope not!” Peyton says as she opens the door to the house.
    We go up the stairs, but I stop. The voice is back.
         “I see you’ve gotten your roommate and sister on board, Mega One. That is good. Now get the boy, and the smart ones as well.  How about the clown, hmm? The mean girl might be of help to you too. I will be waiting:” The voice says and fades away.
    “Lindsey, are you okay?” Peyton asks. I must have zoned out.
    “Alex. it’s Alex I know it.” I say.
    “What?” Peyton looks confused.
    I see Nathan coming around the corner, so I say,
    “Go upstairs, I’ll explain.”
    When we get upstairs I grab a notebook and start writing things down.
    “Lindsey what’s up?” Peyton asks me.
    “The voice was talking to me again. It called me the Mega One, and told me to get the boy, who I’m certain now is Alex.. She told me to  get the smart ones, the clown, and... the mean girl.” I tell her as I write everything down.”
    “So, you're certain the boy is Alex, the smart ones are probably Ingrid and Garrett. The clown is most likely Austin, but Elizabeth? Why?” Peyton states.
      “ I don’t know.” I shrug.
     “Well, for now, I think we should at least tell Alex.” Peyton suggests.
    “Okay, let’s go.” I agree.
    When we get to Alex’s room, ,Alex and Garrett.  are there. We tell both boys about everything. You should see the look on Alex’s face.. Not just when I told him what has been happening, but when an unexpected visitor payed him a visit.

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