Monday, August 12, 2013

Chapter 1 of mystery story

Here is the introduction and first chapter of a mystery story I am working on. Enjoy!


       I thought my life was ordinary. I thought I was normal. I was WRONG with a capital W.      

        The summer before 6th grade,  my mom and dad decided that in September, my sister Bianca and I would go to boarding school.  IN ENGLAND. When I asked why they wanted to send us off my mom just sighed and said,
        “You’ll find out soon enough, Lindsey. We don’t want you two to think we don’t want you here, we do! It’s just that……” and her voice trailed off.
     Bianca was really upset by the news. Knowing my little sister, I don’t think she could survive even a day or two being over 5,000 miles away from our parents. When she found out we would be going there until I finished the 9th grade, she ran into her room and cried.
    Bianca had just finished 4th  grade. I had just finished 5th grade. We would be spending the next four years of our lives without our parents. Now that I think of it that is scary. Well, when we got there, Bianca did NOT want to stay. She did anyway.
  Over these next four  years, lots of things happened, and I mean a LOT. Now I know what my mom meant. Well, now you just have read to find out what happens in my three years of middle school, and first year of high school. One word to describe it: chaos!

Dorian Eros and Artemis House

    We have arrived! Mom, Dad, Bianca, and I have arrived at Dorian Eros Boarding School in London, England. You can go to Dorian if you are in grades 5-12. Dorian Eros students are placed into living quarters. Each grade has three houses. We do not know whether Bianca will be in Demeter House, Faunus House, or Vulcan House, but my parents requested that I be in Artemis House, rather than Minerva House or Orpheus House.  I don't know why. Now that we are here, my parents, sister and I head to the principal’s office.  When we enter the principal’s office, I see a stern looking man sitting at his desk.
    “Excuse me, Mr. Parrett?” my mom says. Mr. Parrett looks up.
    “Yes, my name is Wendy Meyer, and this is my husband Oliver, and our daughters, Lindsey and Bianca. We registered the girls to come here last June. We were wondering what houses they will be in.” Mom continued.
   “Ah, yes. What are their names and grades again?” Mr. Parrett asks.
 “Lindsey Meyer, grade 6, and Bianca Meyer, grade 5.”  My dad states.
  Mr. Parrett looks us up on the computer. I look over at my sister and she is shaking, on the verge of tears. She does not want our parents to leave, I can tell.
  “Ah ha! I have found them! Lindsey, you will be in Artemis House. Your house mother's name is Darcie, and the caretaker’s name is Paulo. Bianca, you will be living in Faunus House. Your house mother's name is Opal, and the caretaker’s name is Patrick.” Mr. Parrett tells us.
“Thank you, Mr. Parrett.” My dad says.
Then Mr. Parrett gives us directions on how to get to the houses and other school information. We head off.
      First we head to Faunus House. The housemother greets us and Mom and Dad talk to her while Bianca and I go upstairs to unpack her things. Her room has two beds. When we get there a girl is already in there.
    “Hi! I’m Bianca Meyer, and this is my sister Lindsey!” Bianca says, introducing herself.
   “My name is Ella Olton.” The girl says.
Ella and Bianca start talking and immediately become friends. They don’t even notice me when I leave. I run into my parents, and then we tell Bianca that we were going to start unpacking my things at Artemis House.
   When I got to Artemis House, the housemother, Darcie, tells me where my room is.  Again, my parents stay talking to Darcie, and I go unpack. A girl with wavy blond hair and blue eyes is already in my room when I get there.  Sometimes I  am a bit shy around new people so I  just quietly unpack my things until the girl speaks up.
       “Hi, I’m Peyton Hawthorne. What is your name?” she asks.
       “I’m Lindsey Meyer.” I say.
      “You seem to have an American accent, are you from the U.S.?” Peyton asks.
      “Yeah, I’m from Santa Monica, California.” I reply.
      “I’ve heard of Santa Monica before! my cousin Josie lives there!” Peyton exclaims.
  After chatting about a bunch of things my parents come into  the room.
    “ Mom, Dad, this is my roommate, Peyton.” I say.
    “Peyton, this my mom and dad.” I say introducing everyone to each other.
  “ Nice to meet you, Peyton.” Mom says and shakes Peyton’s hand. My dad does the same.
   “Lindsey, we are going back to Faunus House to say bye to Bianca and then we are going to the hotel, see you at dinner. Bye.” Dad says.
   “Bye, Dad, bye Mom. Say hi to Bianca for me.” I say as they leave the room.
    After my parents leave Peyton asks,
      “Who’s Bianca?”  
      “Bianca is my little sister, she’s 10. Do you have any siblings?” I inquire.
       “Yes, I have two brothers and three sisters. My brother Byron is 3, so he does not  come to Dorian. My brother Leon is in college. I do not have to put up with my brothers while I’m here!” Peyton says, telling me about her brothers.
    “What about your sisters?” I ask.
     “My sister Daisy is in 4th grade, so she is  coming to Dorian next year. My sister Robyn is Leon’s twin sister, so she is in college too. My sister Annabelle is in 9th grade.” Peyton finishes.
       “You have a lot of family members” I jump at the unfamiliar voice.
       “Hi Elizabeth.” Peyton says rolling her eyes.
      “Who’s this? A newbie?”  Elizabeth grunts.
     “Elizabeth, this is my roommate, her name is Lindsey.” Peyton introduces me to Elizabeth reluctantly.
    “Lindsey, this is Elizabeth.” Peyton says.
     “Lizzie! You’re here!” Someone yells from the hallway. At that, Elizabeth walks away.
   After ELizabeth walks away I ask,
   “Who is that?”
    “That is Elizabeth Monterey. She isn’t very nice to new people. I’m sorry about that.  She can be nice sometimes, but when she sees someone new, she just acts like they aren’t there. Elizabeth was my roommate last year. We were friends, but when I stood up to her for being mean to my friend Bella, she started to ignore me.  Don’t worry, everyone else in this house is nice.” Peyton says giving me a long explanation about Elizabeth.  
    We decide to go downstairs to meet other people. This house is large, there are twelve people living here. Downstairs, there are three boys talking to each other.  they  introduce themselves  as Austin, Garrett, and Cooper. There is also a girl reading by herself. Peyton goes over to talk to her, so I follow her.  The girl introduces herself. Her  name is Ingrid. We start to talk, and then two boys named Nathan and Cody walk in.  Everyone carries on when they sit down until Elizabeth walks in with someone else. The room goes quiet.
     Elizabeth and the girl walk over to Peyton,  Ingrid, and I and sit down. The girl introduces herself. Her name is Gail.
    “So, Elizabeth what did you do over the summer?” I ask, trying to be friendly.
    “Why do you want to know, newbie?” Elizabeth asks snottily.
    “Nevermind, that. Lindsey, where are you from?” Gail asks nicely.
     “Gail, why are you asking her, and talking to her, and not me, your BEST friend?” Elizabeth continues rambling.
That really throws me off, and kind of hurts me, too. I slowly get up and say,
      “ I-I’m gonna go finish unpacking. see you guys later.”
     “Lindsey wait!” Peyton exclaims going after me. Ingrid, follows Peyton. I just keep going. When I reach my room I sit on my bed.
     “Lindsey, are you okay?” Peyton asks.
     “I’m fine, but I’m not going back downstairs.” I say.
    “Lindsey, don’t take what Elizabeth said seriously. She does that to everyone, trust me.” Ingrid says.
    “Does she think I’m trying to take Gail away from her by asking her a question? and Gail, does she always go with what Elizabeth says? ”  I say.
   “No, that’s not the case. I know that, but I don’t know why Elizabeth said those things to you. And, I was going to talk to you if Liz hadn’t interrupted” A voice from the doorway says. It’s Gail.
     “Lindsey, I’m sorry about Elizabeth, but I hope we can still be friends.” Gail says with a smile.
     “Okay, so what were you asking?” I inquire.
     “Oh, so where are you from?” Gail asks, sitting down.
     Gail and I start chatting, and even though they don’t think we notice,  Peyton and Ingrid step out. While Gail and I talk, Elizabeth comes in. Uh-oh is all I can think.
     "Gail, what are you doing here? Why are you talking to her? Are you coming to hang out with me or not?" Elizabeth spats.
     " No thank you, Lizzie. I want to hang out with my new friend, Lindsey." Gail says casually.
       "WHAT? Ok, FINE. Whatever" Elizabeth says and walks away.
     " Gail, you didn't have to do that, I have to get ready to go to dinner with my parents anyway, you can go," I tell Gail.
    "Yes, I did have to do that, you're my friend Lindsey. But, I will leave you to get ready. See you later." Gail says
   "Bye" I reply.  Peyton and Ingrid come in after Gail leaves.
    “Where did you two go?” I ask.
   “We went downstairs to talk to the boys.” Ingrid replies.
   “Oh, cool” I say. Then, there is a knock on my door. Peyton answers it. Bianca is at the door.
   “Hey Bianca, these are my friends, Peyton and Ingrid.” I say.
    “Peyton, Ingrid, this is my little sister, Bianca.” I tell Peyton and Ingrid.
    “Hi.Peyton. Hi Ingrid. Lindsey, are you ready to go?” Bianca replies.
    “Yup. See you later guys.” I say, grabbing my coat.

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